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UZH Card

Card Features

Data on Front of Card

The front side of the UZH Card comprises a permanent field with personal data (name and date of birth) as well as a rewritable thermal printing field that contains UZH-related information about the card holder. These UZH-related data are updated each time the card is validated. The UZH Card is always delivered with no information on the thermal printing field.

Unvalidated UZH Card (no details printed on thermal printing field)

Front of UZH Card

Validation is required to activate the UZH Card.


Validated UZH Card (details printed on thermal printing field)

UZH Card front side

Changeable data by validation
Validity, Study Level, Faculty, Staff No.
ASVZ, VSUZH (if member)
S: Special discount

Data on Back of Card

The back of the card comprises the signature field (except UZH Access Card), the card number, as well as the barcode for identification in the libraries (except UZH Guest Card and UZH Access Card).

Conventions for Names

Names are printed on the card in accordance with the corresponding entry in the UZH student or staff database. The spelling of names is taken from the official documents (ID, passport) submitted at the time of joining the University as a student or employee. We cannot consider any special requests for changes to the style of writing names.

Weiterführende Informationen

Please Note

No stickers may be adhered to the card. These can damage the validation machine!