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UZH Card

Student ID

ID Card for Duration of Studies

The UZH Card is issued for the full duration of studies. This means you keep your card when you:

  • Change study programs
  • Change degree programs (or graduate to a higher level of studies, i.e. from a Bachelor's degree program to a Master's degree program, or from a Master's degree program to doctoral study)
  • Return to study in a continuing education degree program, or return to studies after a break
  • Take authorized leave of absence
  • Participate in a mobility stay at another university

The relevant data are updated as soon as you re-validate your card.

If you are simultaneously a student and an employee at UZH, you can also use your UZH Card as your staff identity card. A second card will not be issued. Dual staff/student status is printed on the card (on the thermal printing field).

How to Get your UZH Card

New students at the University automatically receive their UZH Card after completing matriculation and paying their semester fees.

Validation Prior to First Use

In order to validate the card, you must go to a validating station to have your data printed on the thermal printing field. This process takes only a few seconds and must be repeated every semester.

Weiterführende Informationen

Fact Sheet on UZH Card for Students

You will find the most important information about your UZH Card and how to use it in this PDF: