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UZH Card

Card Validity / Renewing Validity

Card Expiration

After initial validation, your UZH Card is valid for one semester, and must be revalidated every semester thereafter.

Although a validity date until two weeks after the start of lectures of the following semester is printed on the card, some electronic services with the UZH Card, such as access to buildings, library use, can only be used as long as the academic semester in which one is enrolled continues, i.e. until 31.07. for the spring semester and until 31.01. for the fall semester.

The printed, longer validity date serves the purpose that one can visually identify oneself until the next possible validation, but at the latest until two weeks after the start of lectures.

Validation Periods

The UZH Card must be re-validated every semester at a UZH validation station. This is only possible after semester enrollment is complete, UZH has received the full semester fee, and from the following dates onward:

Spring Semester From 1 February
Fall Semester From 1 August

Change in Study Details during Period of Validity

Changes to study-related data while the card is valid can be updated by re-validating the card.