Card Validity / Renewing Validity

Card Expiration

After initial validation, the UZH Card remains valid for one semester for mandated instructors, and for one year for all other UZH staff. Please validate the UZH Card within ten days of receipt.

For mandated instructors, card expiration is generally one month after the end of the semester, i.e. not before the end of August for the spring semester and not before the end of February for the fall semester.

Validation periods

Mandated instructors must re-validate their UZH Card every semester; all other UZH employees must re-validate their Card annually.

Cards can be revalidated from the following dates onward:

Non-ASVZ members: From the first day of the month in which the card expires. ASVZ members: Please prolong the membership before you validate (one day later).

Please note: Validation prior to the first day of the month in which the card expires will not extend the card’s validity. Other dates apply for updating your personal or UZH-related data on the card.

Updating UZH-Specific Data during Period of Validity

Should any UZH-specific data (such as membership in ASVZ) change during the period of validity, the card must be revalidated to write the updated information on the card.

When joining ASVZ within the period of card validity, the card expiration date is adjusted accordingly based on of the date of the ASVZ membership. The same applies to canceling your ASVZ membership.