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UZH Card

UZH Access Card

The UZH Access Card is the University's non-personalized guest ID card. It serves as ID throughout the University, as a pass to receive special prices in the cafeterias, and, if required, can function as an electronic access key.

The UZH Access Card is for guests whose stay at the University is short or intermittent. It is also suitable for people who usually only require access to buildings and other facilities.

Please note that only the access delegate at a given UZH unit may place an order for an UZH Access Card.

Eligibility to Receive an UZH Access Card

  • Visitors working at UZH for two months at the longest.
  • Visitors who are service providers to UZH, but who are not on the UZH payroll.

A UZH Access Card is recommended in the following situations:

  • Visitors requiring electronic access to buildings and facilities at UZH
  • Visitors who use the University's infrastructure

The issue of a UZH Access Card (non-personalized guest ID) will only be approved if a UZH Guest Card (personalized ID) is not recommended or cannot otherwise be issued.

Weiterführende Informationen

How Can Your Visitor Acquire a Guest ID Card?

If you would like to order a guest ID for a visitor, please contact the access delegate in your office, at the dean's office, or at your department/institute.