ASVZ Eligibility for UZH Staff

New process as of 7 January 2019:

Employees without previous ASVZ membership:

From 7 January 2019, the entitlement to participate can be purchased via the ASVZ online counter (Switch AAI-Login). Persons who wish to use the sports facilities from December 2018 onwards will receive a transitional pass at the ASVZ counters upon presentation of their identity card.

Employees with existing ASVZ membership:

For employees whose ASVZ membership expires on 31 December 2018, the last wage deduction for an extension of their membership by a further 12 months will take place in December 2018. The ASVZ will inform all other employees of the new process in writing during January.

The following offer is not valid for persons with a UZH Guest Card or a UZH Access Card.

Persons with a Guestcard can inform themselves on the website ASVZ Eligibility for Holders of a UZH Guest Card.


Applying for/Canceling of ASVZ Membership

The ASVZ membership can be requested via the ASVZ online counter (Switch AAI-Login).

If the membership in the ASVZ is requested at the counter of a ASVZ Sport Center, the UZH Card must be presented.

Once the membership has been granted and paid for, access to the ASVZ facilities will only be guaranteed with the ASVZ symbol printed on the UZH Card (validation required) or shown in the UZH Now App.

No cancellation is necessary. The membership expires if it is not renewed independently.


The annual fee amounts to CHF 225.00 and can be paid online either by credit card or PostFinance Card upon registration.

Termination of Employment at UZH

If your employment at UZH terminates prior to the expiry of your ASVZ membership, ASVZ reimburses CHF 75.00 of the membership fee if your ASVZ membership is still valid for 4 months or more. You must also hand over your UZH Card at an ASVZ desk. Written cancellation of membership is not required.

Staff Who Commence Studies at UZH

UZH staff who take up studies at UZH do not have to request ASVZ membership, as they automatically become eligible for student membership of ASVZ and pay their membership fees as part of their semester fees.

If you already have ASVZ membership as a staff member and are now taking up studies at UZH, please refer to the information on the ASVZ website.